Going digital?
The .dot is in your court!

Maybe we meet a need of yours? If so then reach out!


Since 2006 we have been buying and selling Domain names. Click to check out our latest list of domain names.


Jason creates voice media for projects. The guy with the heavy baritone voice.

Coming Soon!

I.T. Consulting

Boutique and private.
Starting with Computer builds, repair and terminology.
(Local area of Tampa-Bay only)

Coming Soon!

Web Services

We create websites that offer a service. Some are for a fee and others are free.


We help you think up and create a brand. All based off of your idea.

Coming Soon!

Web Development

We offer a low cost Webdev service building simple to complex websites.

Pricing soon!


We began mining Bitcoins in 2014 and we still mine other currencies until this day.
If you want our opinion then contact us.

Graphic design

We create most of our own graphics in house. We offer top quality custom graphics through a 3rd party to the public.

Video & Media

We create videos, streaming, various media in house for SixaraTM Gaming and other projects.
We offer creating videos for your next project.