About Whom?


St. Petersburg, FL

//Mission Statement.

Luxmicro, LLC is an internet media development company. 

Be a Creator.

We aim to inspire and empower those who are new to technology. We do this by consultation and just answering questions. Demonstrating technology to others and showing them that they are capable to create in this space too.


Our goals are to go and create online services that benefit everyone. Introduce you to online real estate that we call the “domain name.” How to take such real estate and turn it into a company, service, brand, and identity. Watch your investment grow enough to have an effect on the real world.

Go Create.

We are happy to answer questions regarding your project whether digital or computer. Your pick!

We welcome your inquiries and feedback.

What is your motivation?

//What //We

Luxmicro is a company that thrives on creating.

This is our current focus and what we do in the world.

We are Eccentric.

We are //Luxmicro.

We Buy & Sell Domain Names
We Create & Publish Media
We Create Websites & Web Services
We Create Vocal Sound
We Consult Computer Issues
We build Custom Computers
We Are Gamers
We Heart the 80s