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St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Luxmicro, LLC is an internet media development company. We create media, web services, websites, and buy/sell domain names.

Be a Creator.

We aim to inspire and empower those who are new to technology. We do this by consultation and just answering questions. Demonstrating technology to others and showing them that they are capable to create in this space too.


Our goals are to go and create online services that benefit everyone. Introduce you to online real estate that we call the “domain name.” How to take such real estate and turn it into a company, service, brand, identity, and watch it grow large enough to have an effect in the real world.

Go Create.

We are happy to answer questions regarding your project and how we can help you accomplish an online presence.

We welcome your inquiries and feedback.

What is thy origin?

How it started!


Early 2K

After a long time in Memphis Radio, Jason randle (aka Jason London) formed Christech Company in Memphis, TN.

The company was a successful mobile computer repair and consultation service. 

Operating from offices in East Memphis, the company served many customers in the Mid-South for their computing needs. 

Some of CTC’s biggest customers were bankruptcy attorneys, a couple of well-known doctors, and a very popular local weatherman.

CTC was the “Geek Squad” of its time.

Some of the data on the original website is not accurate and has been adjusted within this timeline.


Jason became heavily involved in other businesses and time for the business was not as plentiful as in the past. 

The decision was made not to sell the company so we could maintain control of the company’s legacy. Perhaps in the future. Said, Jason.

Therefore, Christech Company permanently closed and ceased operations. 

At the end of its run, the company was in demand and had a healthy amount of business.


Christech Company was eventually succeeded by Luxmicro Technologies Inc.

Luxmicro was charged with a mission to enhance some services of the defunct Christech Company but changing the primary focus to the online world. Thus began the buying/selling of domain names, website creation, and other online services.


Luxmicro Inc. was dissolved.

Jason then took the reins of Luxmicro and moved it to Florida as Luxmicro, LLC. Offering similar services as the former company. But in a more efficient and radical direction.

CTC Logo 2001

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Luxmicro Logo 2006

Luxmicro in the past

What is your motivation?

//We //Do.

Luxmicro is a company that thrives on creating internet services.

This is our current focus and what we do in the world.

We are Eccentric.

We are //Luxmicro.

What do we do?
We Help other Companies
What do you create?
We Create and Publish Media
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We Create Websites & Web Services
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We Create Vocal Sound
You Even Consult?
We Consult on Computer Issues
You build?
We build Computers
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We Play Video Games