Create a PHP info page

Create a PHP info page

Hello and welcome.

This is a quick post for those of you that are not using a dedicated server. These $4.99 a month (too good to be true) Hosting plans usually leave this info out. 

So what you can do is create a quick webpage that will display everything you need to know about the current PHP software installed on your particular hosting account. 

I will show you the code to add to your new page. However, I will not display a demo page here. We do this for security reasons as we never want to let bad actors know what is running behind the website. 

  • Create a text file and give it the name, info.php
  • Next, open the new page and add the code below

phpinfo( );

  • Save your new page
  • Add the page to your website files
  • Point your web browser to
  • Now you can see all the PHP info running within your hosting account
  • For security reasons either lock down the file or take it down
  • Again you do not want anyone knowing what you’re running

I hope this helps you in your quest of building your dream website!

– Jason 

PHP Page

Your page should look like the one pictured above. The image was blurred for security reasons.