ArcadeInn Launch

Hello and welcome.

I am doing a double-take today as this website had already been announced recently at

This announcement is for a special website known as, “” We have been working on this website for some time. This website is still and always will be a work in progress but it has finally launched!

The domain name itself looks to have had some arcade activity between the years 2007 and 2012 by the previous owner. Sadly, the domain went dark for many years until we took ownership. The good news though is ArcadeInn is back to doing what it was made to do and that is to entertain people with great Arcade Games of all types.

The website is designed with a GenX mindset. You can expect different games of all types that are made to be entertaining to all types of people. There are even educational games if you’re into math types of competition. The website hosts 1600+ games that are ready to play. New games are added each week going forward.

There are plans to expand the community functions in the future as the website continues to grow. Help and support can be found @ or The quickest way to get support and maybe make a friend is to join the SixaraTM Gaming Discord server. There is even a dedicated channel as well!

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