//Luxmicro, LLC

Luxmicro is a fast-growing internet development company headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.

//Mission Statement

Luxmicro is a private internet media development company that is committed to creating video media, voiceover media, online projects and creating random web projects.

We are glad to answer any questions regarding your project and how we can help you accomplish an online presence.

We welcome your inquiries and feedback.


Luxmicro Inc. started over ten years ago in Memphis,TN as an idea by four guys. In 2013,  Jason Randle took the reins of Luxmicro, and moved it to Florida as Luxmicro, LLC.

Originally, a domaining company, Luxmicro has re-branded as an internet media development enterprise.

Luxmicro in the past

Original Luxmicro logo – 2006

//What We Do

Luxmicro is a company that enjoys working on internet projects. Below is the current focus as a company and what we do in the online world.

We help other companies.
We create and publish media.
We develop simple websites.
We create vocal sound.
We play videogames too.