Luxdate for Summer 2015


The year has really gone by and It is my pleasure to welcome you back to the Luxmicro website!

It has been a busy year working with clients and not having enough time to update the site but, as you see, that issue has been addressed. We have decided to do away with many sites we had created in the past 2 years. This decision by reason of there being less time to maintain all the different technologies of each site independently.

How was your year?

We just wrapped up a big project for BPW/St Petersburg-Pinellas and what a fun project it always turns out to be. The current president of BPW Amy Dinovo is not only a good friend but a great business partner as well no stranger to code herself. Check them out.

Also, just to be clear, we will always have a domain name or 2 in the closet to sell but we have totally dropped much of our inventory of 100+ domain names either through sales or deletion for the lucky domainer.

Domaining is an amazing business and many of the domainers I have met are just as amazing. But, it takes a lot of time, money, and keeping track of inventory as it grows. Sometimes it can grow too big! Sounds like a good problem to have yeah?

Luxmicro will be exploring  Youtube soon. We will come to you with some solutions, tutorials and more.

We have a great voiceover/vlogger/podcasting studio ready to go and it took 2 months to build. This will be where the broadcasts originate from for Luxmicro and my VO website. Stay tuned, I’m going to make this fun for everyone. 😉

In conclusion it is all about keeping priorities together and not jumping into many things, or one will become the slave of many and master of none!

I hope many of you have had a prosperous year so far and more to come? What is new in your world? I’d love to know. Connect.

At your service,

Jason Randle
Jason Randle enjoys time with his family, voiceover, gaming, coding, domain names, and general web development.