Changing with the Times


Welcome back and thank you for visiting the blog today!

We have recently decided to discontinue carrying domain names or representing ourselves as a marketplace for domain names. This was influenced by the development of some upcoming projects that will require enormous time and commitment. Those will be revealed later on the website.

Domaining is a great business and we have met several great people along the way. Most notably, people like Francois of Francois asked for my input along with many others in 2014 for his successful website Then there is the incredible blogs and support that domainers offer to each other. Good examples are,, and Then there are the marketplaces like,,, and good ole’, just to name a few. I did not mention all involved, but these are just some of the biggest teachers, players, and potential mentors in this business that will help you succeed at domaining.

Are we leaving the domaining world because it is tough? Not really. It actually is similar to trying to sell a house or a car, it takes money, time and patience. Again, this decision is based on two mega projects that will offer a new brand to the internet with lots of entertainment via mediums such as

We will occasionally have a domain name for sale, but not as a small marketplace. The remaining domain names in our inventory will stay on this website until we sell them off and let the others expire.

We will be focusing more on web development and the upcoming projects I mentioned.

Have a great New Year and as my esteemed sister-in-law says, “Make it Audacious and Amazing.

At your service,

Jason Randle
Jason Randle enjoys time with his family, voiceover, gaming, coding, domain names, and general web development.